Wednesday, November 23, 2016

'til the veins run red and blue

August 24th 2015 | There's this snapshot in my head I took on Sunday that I keep thinking about: I'm at one of those restaurants by the side of the speedway a few blocks from home, the sun is bright red and the clouds are a hazy pink. The skies have been more or less the same color all weekend because of the smoke from wildfires in eastern Washington, filtering this side of the Cascades with soft, warm hues like the ones I used to edit my photos with. It wasn't the kind of moment that warrants a picture: the mundaneness of standing in a parking lot is almost overwhelming. This is the kind of moment that gets lost in catalogued memories, and the thing about blogging and sharing moments on social media in general is that people tend to be very self-conscious of capturing images of our lives that are more beautiful than they really are. It's moments like this where words do a better job of romanticizing the un-picturesque, because the act of communicating something like this requires that you pay attention to the details; acknowledging a moment like this requires you to care about it and try to understand what it means to you so you can tell someone else about it.
I found a note on my iPad the other day about a moment I had that time I lingered in the parking lot of a restaurant in my hometown to look at the sky on my last night in Seattle last summer. I guess I was right that this was the kind of moment I would have otherwise forgotten about because I honestly did until I reread this; it's coincidental that I actually did end up taking photos during sunset in a parking lot a year later in Arizona a few months ago under very different circumstances.

Anyway, here's my Arizona film photo diary. I've flown down to visit my best friend twice in the last 4 months now and those two trips have been some of my best weekends this entire year, filled with amazing food and late nights spent laughing 'til our ribs get tough and new friends. Even though there's still about a month left of 2016, my New Year's resolution for 2017 is to shoot more and have a more substantial photo diary to post here soon.

xoxo, vivian

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