Friday, October 11, 2013

my best days

Bonjour mes chéris! "It's been a while" might be a bit of an understatement at this point, but not to worry; I've got a few good excuses up my sleeve this time around.
"When I get to university, I'm going to read what I want and think about what I want and listen to what I want. And I'm going to look at paintings and go to French films and talk to people who know lots about lots." (An Education)
So much of my life so far has been spent impatiently waiting to grow up; I realize now that "growing up" to me has always been about getting to college. Now that I'm here, I don't think I ever want to leave.

These last two months have been an amazing start to a new adventure; I moved to California for college near the end of August and I don't even know how to begin describing what my new life is like. Yes, there's living in a residence hall atop a tiresomely steep hill and taking notes under some of the finest professors in the world and delicious food and unfiltered sunshine; but my words feel so inadequate in trying to describe the infectious campiness of the boys who come and serenade us every Thursday at 10:10 PM, or the way my classics professor writes Greek vocabulary on a sliding chalkboard so we understand the etymology and structure of words as deliciously complex as 'hubris' and 'tragedy.'

I've done everything from attending my first advanced movie screening to sitting around in a foodless kitchen until 5:30 AM talking with boys whose names I never caught; I've indulged in one (beautiful! dramatic! totally worth the $51 I got it for!) Kate Spade jacket too many but I've also sought wits beyond measure (man's greatest treasure) in marble-floored and underground libraries alike. Perhaps what scares me most about being at Berkeley is how much the world has to offer and how I only have so many years to be a part of it all.

It's funny, people here keep telling me that I sound like I have it all figured out because I chose a path towards a practical sounding major and am still able to take classes I love on the side of my prerequisites. What I don't tell them is that I've been preparing for the end of my college career the minute I got accepted and am reading and listening and seeing everything I can before these four years are up.  Because if I'm going to work corporate job on the sixteenth floor of an office complex when I finally do graduate, I want to say that I at least made something of my college experience when I look back at the best years of my youth.

xoxo, vivian

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