Saturday, June 22, 2013

what do you say we leave for california?

One of the things I struggle with the most come summer vacation is trying not get too lazy. I can't even attribute my inactivity to the stifling hot weather because so far, the weather here has been really nice. Even the rain two days ago was refreshing; I sat outside on the deck reading while listening to the rain fall outside, and it's moments like these where I think I'll really miss Seattle once I'm at college.

Speaking of, I went down to California last week for student orientation and it was so much fun, despite feeling like a Stark going to King's Landing because of both the weather and culture difference. But I mean that in a good way, because you guys, the food is amazing. Everything from the Italian grilled cheese sandwiches at Melt to the bubble tea (I guess they call it boba in California) and custom ice cream sandwiches at CREAM...and that was only the first evening on Telegraph Avenue! No but seriously, orientation got me excited for college, from the classes I'll be taking (Intro to Greek Civilization! An English seminar on Twelfth Night! Exploring the Liberal Arts!) to the campus culture and traditions...I can't wait to start school.

But the other part of me is telling me to just savor this last summer and embrace my laziness while I still can. I've definitely been taking advantage of this by starting new TV shows and books like every day. In my head, I'm living in a glamorous chateau and having pool parties and sleepovers with my friends like in the "Chateau California" spread. Do any of you remember watching those sweepstakes commercials on cartoon channels when you were a kid—the ones where you and your closest friends get to live in a mansion if you win the grand prize? I'm pretty sure a part of me never gave up on those dreams. But I guess if you can't live that kind of life, the next best thing is to live vicariously through media instead, eh? In the meantime, I'll just go find some silk pajamas and watch more TV. 

xoxo, vivian

Images from this post are taken from "Chateau California" by Grace Coddington and Michael Philouze for American Vogue May 2011.


  1. amazing pictures!!! nice post!!

  2. Bubble Tea? Didn't know they've that in California too! Lovely post & hope your dream will come true soon :) I'll be hosting another In't Giveaway soon @ Luxury Haven, so be sure to look out for it!

  3. wow,very inspiring pictures!love it :)
    Would you like to follow each other or like each others FB pages?
    Let me know! ;)

    ♡ Kisses,

  4. amazing photos! :))


  5. you embrace that laziness, girlfriend :) great pictures, by the way. And thanks so much for your comment on my blog, I really appreciate it <3

    Holly xoxo

  6. Your trip sounds like such a great experience! Enjoy the holidays hun.Thanks for stopping by.. Hope you have a positive and productive week ahead!

  7. Awesome! Enjoy :)

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